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Here it is! Click the link below to find my new CD NERD SONGS!

Kenneth D. Froelich | Nerd Songs | CD Baby Music Store.


Upcoming release of my album NERD SONGS

In just a few short weeks, my album NERD SONGS will be available to the public! I have been hard at work on this album for over a year, and am quite excited that it is just about here! As a small teaser, here is the album cover:


Simple, perhaps a bit understated…but I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Website changes are coming!

Wow – has it been over a year since my last post? Well, that needs to change!

I am in the process of updating this website to allow for the direct sale of my scores and (soon-to-be-released) CD. I am aiming to have this all up in place by the end of April/beginning of May, so stay tuned!


This is BIG news for me! I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that my SYMPHONY NO. 1: DREAM DIALOGS has been selected to be recorded and released by Ablaze Records! The symphony will be recorded in June by the Brno Symphony Orchestra (Brno, Czech Republic), and released to the public in November on Ablaze’s “Orchestral Masters Vol. 2” album! This was all made possible by generous support from the Fresno State College of Arts and Humanities and the Department of Music.

My Symphony No. 1 was premiered last November by the Fresno State Symphony Orchestra. I wrote extensively about the creation of this work in a blog that you can read about here.

This will mark my first major recording of an orchestral work. The recording will be distributed internationally, and be available to hear via the Naxos Music Library, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, and all major distributors.

Needless to say – I am extremely excited for this amazing opportunity!

PIANO QUARTET NO. 1, upcoming performance

January 31, 2014: My PIANO QUARTET NO. 1: MIRROR will be performed as part of a special concert sponsored by the Phillip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concert Series, featuring Limor Toren-Immerman on violin, Claudia Shiuh on viola, Thomas Loewenheim on cello, and Andreas Werz on piano. Concert information can be found atย

SYMPHONY No. 1: DREAM DIALOGS, Upcoming Premiere

November 23, 2013: Here it is! The Big One! My SYMPHONY NO. 1: DREAM DIALOGS will receive its premiere performance by the Fresno State Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Thomas Loewenheim. The concert will be held at 8:00 pm at the Fresno State Concert Hall. Ticket information will be posted as it becomes available, but for now mark your calendars!