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Here it is! Click the link below to find my new CD NERD SONGS!

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Upcoming release of my album NERD SONGS

In just a few short weeks, my album NERD SONGS will be available to the public! I have been hard at work on this album for over a year, and am quite excited that it is just about here! As a small teaser, here is the album cover:


Simple, perhaps a bit understated…but I like it. 🙂

Website changes are coming!

Wow – has it been over a year since my last post? Well, that needs to change!

I am in the process of updating this website to allow for the direct sale of my scores and (soon-to-be-released) CD. I am aiming to have this all up in place by the end of April/beginning of May, so stay tuned!

Texts for NERD SONGS

To go alongside my recent upload of Ann Moss’ premiere of NERD SONGS, here are the texts that I penned for those songs. To listen to these songs, follow this link:




Tragedy! Ill fate!
How could this happen?
Where did I go wrong?

The plan was perfect!
Immaculate. Unassailable.
My plus five demonic battle-axe of cleaving in my hands,
I was invincible.

But luck was cruel.
I rolled a ONE.
The goblin archer rolled a TWENTY.
I collapsed, my dwarven honor was crushed.

My days as a warrior done,
I will spend the rest of my years drinking mead,
Warning young adventures of the perils of
Goblin Arrows.


Is it true? Am I saved?
My loyal servant tells me so!
My hero has slain my captor –
MARIO comes for me!

Oh wonder, oh rapture!
I knew he would triumph!
No mushrooms, nor turtles, could
Stop his victory charge!

I think I hear him now!
He approaches my door!
It opens! And – what’s that now?
He went to the wrong castle???


note: the following text paraphrases a working segment of BASIC code – actual code is next to each line

TEN. Goto FORTY.                                                                            10 GOTO 40
TWENTY. Print A-String.                                                               20 PRINT A$;
THIRTY. Goto SEVENTY.                                                              30 GOTO 70
FORTY. Let A-String equal “L O Space.”                                   40 LET A$=”LO ”
FIFTY. Print “H E L.”                                                                        50 PRINT “HEL”;
SIXTY. Goto NINETY.                                                                     60 GOTO 90
SEVENTY. Print B-String “L D.”                                                    70 PRINT B$;”LD”;
EIGHTY. Goto ONE-HUNDRED TEN.                                         80 GOTO 110
NINETY. Let B-String equal “W O R.”                                         90 LET B$=”WOR”
ONE-HUNDRED. Goto TWENTY.                                                100 GOTO 20
ONE-HUNDRED TEN. End.                                                            110 END

Run.                                                                                                        RUN

HELLO WORLD                                                                                   Hello World.


This was fate.
My destiny is complete.
I die knowing I played my part.
I am thankful that, as my vision fades,
The last thing I will see is
My beloved red shirt,
Torn asunder from my chest,
Ripped to pieces by
A Klingon’s pet Targ.


In my childhood…
I believed in “turtle power,”
A plan always came together,
Raising a sword gave you the power,
Knowing was half the battle,
and there always was more than meets the eye.

Now with a child of my own…
“Turtle power” sadly does not exist,
A plan is hardly foolproof,
Raising a sword will get you arrested,
Knowing is definitely half the battle, if not more,
And while there may be more than meets the eye,
You may not want to know.